Getting Back On Track

“I’ve gotten off track. Was working out 6 days a week…here I am 4 months later and I don’t even know how to get back on track. How do I get back on track?”.

I’m overwhelmed with the number of times I’ve seen that question asked. Go to any Facebook group that’s fitness oriented, and it’s a theme.

Why do people go off track, and then struggle with getting back on track with their fitness, be it nutrition, exercise, or both?

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What’s Your Plan?

Two Types of Goals

You have a goal, right? This is a fitness related blog, so if you are reading it you might have goals like lose X lbs, fit in your clothes better, have more energy, get stronger, all of those, etc. You probably have other goals that are unrelated to fitness. Pay off school loans or other debt, save up for something, etc.

When you have goals, they can be subjective goals or objective goals:

Subjective Goals

  • “I want to feel better and lose weight!”
  • “I want to save up for a vacation!”
  • “I want to pay off my school loans!”
  • “I want to learn to play guitar!”

These types of goals rarely lead to taking action.

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Restaurant Meals & Weight Loss

Does this sound familiar?

You are doing great with your new lifestyle changes, you are seeing progress (in whichever way you are measuring it), and you have things down to a routine. And then comes a spontaneous invite to go out to eat a meal with friends/family, and then panic sets in.

I’ve been there. I still sometimes feel that way when being pulled in two different directions of the pressure (social and otherwise) and to continue moving toward my goals.

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Lacking Motivation? Find your fight club!

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You want to go to the gym to reap all of the benefits: improved mood, energy levels, appearance, clothes fitting better, etc. But despite those benefits, you aren’t motivated to actually go. Aside from the fact that motivation isn’t reliable because it’s an emotion (hint: it’s more about discipline and habit), it’s possible that the idea of simply “working out” doesn’t intrinsically appeal to you. And that’s OK. Doing things you hate isn’t a great use of your precious time.

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Increasing Metabolism?

The question “how to increase one’s metabolism” came up in the context of a discussion with someone who felt that their calorie goal was far too low to consistently lose weight.  That’s something that that many people (me included) often face. It’s more of an issue for women and shorter men, and unfortunately, shorter women have the worst of it. And it sucks. If you work a desk job and don’t get in much activity during the day, you may need to hit a calorie goal as low as bodyweight x 8. Having faced this myself, I know how badly that sucks. It’s terrible and it feels like suffering, and because of that, it’s not sustainable. Heck, I’ve seen cases where someone needs to go even lower, toward 6-7 x bodyweight. Please never do that on your own without guidance from a professional. So….what do we do about that?

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My Biggest Weakness

(And What I Intend To Do About It)

My Biggest Weakness. What a catchy title eh? In truth, my biggest weakness is probably my inconsistency with writing because I want everything to perfect, which is ironic as I know an all or nothing mentality doesn’t work for fitness, so why would it work for writing? Hint: it doesn’t work, obviously.

So, here is me trying to break that habit, by examining my fitness habits for weaknesses by writing about it. I’m all about efficiency so let’s work on two problems at the same time.

I’m not perfect, and while weight loss is simple, it’s not easy. You know what else isn’t easy and is harder than weight loss? Maintaining the weight you’ve lost. I’m pretty good at this, but I could be better.

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Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean Expensive


Crap. I am so sorry. October almost passed us by without an article from me. I apologize. Life has been crazy recently with the transition to both kids in grade school and doing kung fu 3 days a week. I’ve also started going through the process to become Precision Nutrition certified, and I’ve also added sword fighting training to my personal fitness development.

Anyways, thanks to a Facebook friend’s post about eating healthy on the cheap, I wanted to share my thoughts about how eating “healthy” doesn’t have to mean eating expensive. I put healthy in quotation marks because that’s a loaded word. Single foods in isolation are generally not healthy or unhealthy alone, but it’s your overall diet/summary of choices that are healthy or unhealthy. If being able to drink a craft beer and/or having some pizza once a week with your family allows you to be consistent with dietary choices that align with your fitness/health goals the rest of the time, that pizza and/or beer exists within what is a healthy diet for YOU. Just something to keep in mind. With that said, if that’s something you want to discuss, I’m *always* willing to do so. =)

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September 2016 Reading List

I am not usually one to start things off with “someone asked me about…” as usually, it means “I want to talk about” but in response to #ThoreauBackThursdays on social media, a friend has been asking me to share what I’ve been reading. So here it goes!

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What Would I Do If I Couldn’t Go To The Gym?

Following the theme of last week’s article about what I’d do if I couldn’t track calories, I’m answering the other half of the fitness equation: What would I do if I couldn’t go to the gym? Why? Because in my own 200lb weight loss, the gym played a large factor, and not in the way you think.

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What Would I Do If I Couldn’t Weigh My Food And Track Calories?

One of the key factors in my 200lb weight loss, and my lifestyle/mindset/habits changes need to maintain that level of weight loss was being able to control my calorie intake. I am an analytically-minded person, enjoy creating spreadsheets, and crunching numbers. When I found out that there was an underlying math, I remember thinking “Um, why didn’t I know about this before? I was doing exercise I hated while eating foods that I hated, and all along I could simply be weighing/tracking/spreadsheet guru’ing my way to weight loss!”

The real truth is that while calorie tracking via weighing your food on a food scale is the means to an end, it is not the end itself. That end IS NOT weight loss. Rather, that end is an awareness of portions and foods that are in balance with our goals.

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